Weldon Burge, Laura DiSilverio, Joseph Badal
September 2013
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February 2013
reviewed: Fast Paced, Whitty, Down Right Entertaining
I grew up with my mom listening to Elvis she had his albums and pictures, we watched his movies growing up. We have all wonde...
Elvis Has Not Left the Building - J.R. Rain
reviewed: Great Read From Start To Finish
I absolutely loved this books of course I love anything to do with Vampires. J.R. Rain has done it again with this book. His ...
The Vampire With the Dragon Tattoo - J.R. Rain
reviewed: Sit Back You're In For An Amazing Read
I love paranormal books but I really enjoyed this one. Your emotions will range from laughter to crying to happiness to carin...
The Body Departed - J.R. Rain
reviewed: Down To The Wire Thriller
Dani Trumball is married to Doug a legal professor at a local university and mother to Jonah a special needs chold diagnosed ...
Unintended Consequences - Marti Green
reviewed: Sadly Unable To Connect
I love a good conspiracy theory thriller novel they are among some of my favorites, that being said this book is the first on...
Blacklisted - Luke Romyn
reviewed: Different - Post Apocolyptic - Good Read
I wouldn't say this was the best end of times book that I have read but it is also not the worst. I did like the premise behi...
The Seventh Seal - J. Thorn
January 2013
reviewed: Moves You To The Core
I was born and raised in a Christian home with parents very involved in our local church, my father was the bus minister and ...
When God Whispers Loudly - Chris M. Hibbard
reviewed: Past & Present Collide Magically
It is the 1400s and Maxwell is tired of hearing how he needs to be married. While listening to Keanan ramble on about it he l...
A Highlander in Her Past - Maeve Greyson

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Weldon Burge, Laura DiSilverio, Joseph Badal