Fast Paced, Whitty, Down Right Entertaining

Elvis Has Not Left the Building - J.R. Rain

I grew up with my mom listening to Elvis she had his albums and pictures, we
watched his movies growing up. We have all wondered did he really? Could he be?
What a great premis for a book and J.R. Rain draws you in from the vety first

You start out in an interrogation room bright lights, smoke
billowing, crying, people watching "I'm Elvis" he says.....

Can you
imagine being Elvis one day and the next you are domeone else. New look, new
name, living in California and working as a P.I. to make end meet. Far cry from
where you used to be. But not all things change. Guilt, drugs and booze still
fill his life.

Araron has a secret only a few know but someone else is
onto him. Who could it be? Aaron is busy trying to find a missing starlet while
trying to come to terms with guilt from his past. Battling addictions that still
linger and haunt him while dishing out the one liners and quick come

A secret hard to live with, an on again off again girlfriend, a
shrink who believes, a friend whose kept the secret, a missing girl, a stalker,
a dead man and a need to relive it all this wrapped up in a fast paced, whitty,
enjoyable book.