Past & Present Collide Magically

A Highlander in Her Past - Maeve Greyson

It is the 1400s and Maxwell is tired of hearing how he needs to be married. While listening to Keanan ramble on about it he looks into the magical mirror to see this beautiful woman, who looks so different from the women he is used to seeing. Her image is burned into his eyes. Who is this woman and why did he see her.


Trish is an archeologist and favorite aunt to six nieces and nephews in 2020. On a visit to their home she learns they are all in touble after Ramsey the eldest was performing some pretty powerful magic gone wrong. While being punished Trish is talking to him about it and decides to allow him to try again with her. The results are not what either of them expects.


Trish and Ramsey are hurled back in time to a familiar place but not quiet the same and right into the arms of Maxwell. Ramsey handles the outcome much better than Trish and in order to save her life Maxwell binds his to her. And on the day they are to wed something happens and Trish's world is turned upside down. She and Ramsey are ripped back to their time and she comes face to face with the reality that Maxwell is no longer there or is he.


What a cute book I really enjoyed reading this one. I have always loved "Highlander" type books and this one with its bits of magic in it just added to the whimsey and funness of the book. This is the first time reading a book from this author and I will most definetly be reading more of Maeve Greyson's books.