Sadly Unable To Connect

Blacklisted - Luke Romyn

I love a good conspiracy theory thriller novel they are among some of my
favorites, that being said this book is the first one I have ever come across
that I just could not finish. Trust me i have tried its been on my kindle for a
very long time and i will read a bit and have to stop but the more i read the
more i am just not liking it.

Sadly i got as far as 33% completed but
just cant seem to click with the characters and the secret government agency and
what they are trying to do with the worst of the worst type of criminals. The
main characture a mass murderer abused from childhood not many breaks in life,
the few good moments always turn bad so he decides to turn bad too. Gets
arrested is being questioned when a secret agency knocks the entire police
station out and kidnaps the guy. Apparently having done this all over the US
like no one would put two and two together and then make these criminals go
through life or death exercises until they have weeded out the cream of the crop
criminals to use to bring down a huge bad guy.

I just could not get into
this one. It is just too unbelievable to be believable.