Fast Paced, Whitty, Down Right Entertaining

Elvis Has Not Left the Building - J.R. Rain

I grew up with my mom listening to Elvis she had his albums and pictures, we
watched his movies growing up. We have all wondered did he really? Could he be?
What a great premis for a book and J.R. Rain draws you in from the vety first

You start out in an interrogation room bright lights, smoke
billowing, crying, people watching "I'm Elvis" he says.....

Can you
imagine being Elvis one day and the next you are domeone else. New look, new
name, living in California and working as a P.I. to make end meet. Far cry from
where you used to be. But not all things change. Guilt, drugs and booze still
fill his life.

Araron has a secret only a few know but someone else is
onto him. Who could it be? Aaron is busy trying to find a missing starlet while
trying to come to terms with guilt from his past. Battling addictions that still
linger and haunt him while dishing out the one liners and quick come

A secret hard to live with, an on again off again girlfriend, a
shrink who believes, a friend whose kept the secret, a missing girl, a stalker,
a dead man and a need to relive it all this wrapped up in a fast paced, whitty,
enjoyable book.

Great Read From Start To Finish

The Vampire With the Dragon Tattoo - J.R. Rain

I absolutely loved this books of course I love anything to do with Vampires.
J.R. Rain has done it again with this book. His style of writing detailing the
people in the book so you can close your eyes and picture them like you are
right there watching everything unfold. The humor and wit he puts into his
characters is awesome. I even like how he mentions characters from another book
really great.

This is a great story a Private Investigator in search for
a womans adopted granddaughter who has been missing longer than normal for her.
The twist the girl believes she is a true vampire slayer. Veronica as she is
known was on the hunt for one particular man "vampire" believed to have killed
her parents and Spinoza was going to find her come hell or high water. He was
the best in the business and that was why Detective Hammond of the LAPD refered
the grandmother to him.

I enjoyed how during the search for Veronica you
learn about Spinoza's life, the trials he has gone through to get him where he
is now. The loss of his wife and son the alcohol issues and the reoccuring
nightmares he has. He shares this with his buddy Detective Hammond and his
girlfriend so its really great really brings you into the story more.

just have really fallen for J.R. Rains style of writing and just downloaded 6
more books of his. Great job.

Sit Back You're In For An Amazing Read

The Body Departed - J.R. Rain

I love paranormal books but I really enjoyed this one. Your emotions will range
from laughter to crying to happiness to caring with each turn of the

The story of James a ghost stuck here on earth with unfinished
business visiting his daughter at night and talking to a medium while trying to
figure out just how he will keep himself from hell. After the death of his most
favorite school teacher James gets his medium friend to help him. He knows he
has to do something and that it also just might help him.

James meets a
young ghost Jacob and later learns who he is and just whats been keeping him
bound to earth. While trying to figure out how to make it all right he has some
fun freaking out the hot shot of a ghost hunting show. But with a heart to heart
from Jesus and his special medium friend he is eventually able to mend a lot of
broken fences and eventually he is able to finally let go and go

This was such a fun book to read I absolutely loved it.

Down To The Wire Thriller

Unintended Consequences - Marti Green

Dani Trumball is married to Doug a legal professor at a local university and
mother to Jonah a special needs chold diagnosed with Williams Syndrome. Dani
works for the Help Innocent Prisoners Project. Usually she writes the final
legal appeals and such after fellow coworkers have proven a prisoner was wrongly
convicted. But a letter from convicted child killer George Calhoun has her
investigating his claim that the body they found was not his daughter

George and Sallie Calhoun loved their beautiful daughter
Angelina but she is fighting for her life with a reoccurance of Leukemia that
has spread. Already in debt from their first battle the doctor is willing to
waive his fee but the Calhoun's already owe so much the hospital wont budge.
Without treatment Angelina will surely die. George and Sallie make the toughest
decision in their lives. One that winds them in prison, Sallie gets life in
prison while George gets the death sentence.

19 years later and 6 weeks
before he is to walk that final walk to his death sentence, all appeals
exhausted he still maintains the burned body of that little girl was not his
daughter, not his beautiful Angelina so in one last ditch effort and with the
prodding of the warden he writes to HIPP and his letter winds up on the desk of
Dani Ttumbal. Now its up to her take the case or turn it down.

Dani takes
the case and brings in Tommy Norland former FBI and office flirt but hes the
best investigator and he doesnt believe George is innocent so he will be a great
balancing board. And Melonie Quinn assistant editor of the law review has a
passion for setting things right just like Dani the perfect fit for this

Their investigation leads them down many twists and turns. After
Dani meets with George she truly believes the body they found was not the
daughter of George and Sallie, even though Sallie who hates George swears that
was their daughter. Dani and Melonie fight and lose many different appeals.
Tommy recieves a threat. People are being killed. And Dani is begining to lose

But then a small thread and the more they pull it the moe the truth
unravels. Could George be telling the truth, could that burned body be that of
another missing girl? Could Angelina still be alive. Its down to the wire and
Dani is fighting for an innocent mans life.

This is a great legal
thriller well written I felt drawn in from the start and was on the edge of my
seat wondering is he telling the truth.

Sadly Unable To Connect

Blacklisted - Luke Romyn

I love a good conspiracy theory thriller novel they are among some of my
favorites, that being said this book is the first one I have ever come across
that I just could not finish. Trust me i have tried its been on my kindle for a
very long time and i will read a bit and have to stop but the more i read the
more i am just not liking it.

Sadly i got as far as 33% completed but
just cant seem to click with the characters and the secret government agency and
what they are trying to do with the worst of the worst type of criminals. The
main characture a mass murderer abused from childhood not many breaks in life,
the few good moments always turn bad so he decides to turn bad too. Gets
arrested is being questioned when a secret agency knocks the entire police
station out and kidnaps the guy. Apparently having done this all over the US
like no one would put two and two together and then make these criminals go
through life or death exercises until they have weeded out the cream of the crop
criminals to use to bring down a huge bad guy.

I just could not get into
this one. It is just too unbelievable to be believable.

Different - Post Apocolyptic - Good Read

The Seventh Seal - J. Thorn

I wouldn't say this was the best end of times book that I have read but it is also not the worst. I did like the premise behind it with a religious fanatical group and the military working together as one to take over America and perform what they call a cleansing. Killing off what they consider infidels, men, women, children it didn't matter. One man after a night of Halloween partying is spared because he is wearing a priest outfit and is believed to be John the Revelator. Before he wakes up into this horribly changed state he had broken his vows, though being drugged, he still feels the guilt and now believes his wife has found out.


The entire book is about him trying to get away from this group, to find his wife, and at the same time not knowing if she survived this cleansing. All the while she is trying to find him not knowing if he is alive. Little do either know forces are using both of them for their own motives.


If you can't stomach violence then this one is not for you there is some pretty graphic violent writing within these pages. But I will say that whenever writings from the book of Revelations were written within the pages of this book I could easily pick up my bible and compare them and not be disappointed. I for one do not like it when a writer takes liberty with his writing to the point of changing what the bible says.


Like I said it was a decent enough read that I will read the novella when it comes out I would like to see if John and Alex hook back up with Johns wife and what happens at the end of this book.

Moves You To The Core

When God Whispers Loudly - Chris M. Hibbard

I was born and raised in a Christian home with parents very involved in our local church, my father was the bus minister and youth minister and my mother taught a Sunday school class and Awana class. Growing up in a Christian home you always hear about God and Jesus on a daily basis.


Many continue on their path with the Lord and many walk away or wander off the path God has for each of us.


This book is a quick dose of reality. From the very start you are drawn into this family's life. And through the father's eyes you see how God had worked in his wifes life and his childrens lives. And then you learn how God worked in his life without him realising it.

How in one quick moment, one horrible accident, how very much this families life could have changed and how God used this incident to show the father what a great life he really had and how he had always been there. How the father just wasn't listening. God was truly whispering loudly.


This book moved me to tears, touched my heart and my soul and I to realize maybe I haven't been listening as closely as I should be. Great book...

Past & Present Collide Magically

A Highlander in Her Past - Maeve Greyson

It is the 1400s and Maxwell is tired of hearing how he needs to be married. While listening to Keanan ramble on about it he looks into the magical mirror to see this beautiful woman, who looks so different from the women he is used to seeing. Her image is burned into his eyes. Who is this woman and why did he see her.


Trish is an archeologist and favorite aunt to six nieces and nephews in 2020. On a visit to their home she learns they are all in touble after Ramsey the eldest was performing some pretty powerful magic gone wrong. While being punished Trish is talking to him about it and decides to allow him to try again with her. The results are not what either of them expects.


Trish and Ramsey are hurled back in time to a familiar place but not quiet the same and right into the arms of Maxwell. Ramsey handles the outcome much better than Trish and in order to save her life Maxwell binds his to her. And on the day they are to wed something happens and Trish's world is turned upside down. She and Ramsey are ripped back to their time and she comes face to face with the reality that Maxwell is no longer there or is he.


What a cute book I really enjoyed reading this one. I have always loved "Highlander" type books and this one with its bits of magic in it just added to the whimsey and funness of the book. This is the first time reading a book from this author and I will most definetly be reading more of Maeve Greyson's books.

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