Moves You To The Core

When God Whispers Loudly - Chris M. Hibbard

I was born and raised in a Christian home with parents very involved in our local church, my father was the bus minister and youth minister and my mother taught a Sunday school class and Awana class. Growing up in a Christian home you always hear about God and Jesus on a daily basis.


Many continue on their path with the Lord and many walk away or wander off the path God has for each of us.


This book is a quick dose of reality. From the very start you are drawn into this family's life. And through the father's eyes you see how God had worked in his wifes life and his childrens lives. And then you learn how God worked in his life without him realising it.

How in one quick moment, one horrible accident, how very much this families life could have changed and how God used this incident to show the father what a great life he really had and how he had always been there. How the father just wasn't listening. God was truly whispering loudly.


This book moved me to tears, touched my heart and my soul and I to realize maybe I haven't been listening as closely as I should be. Great book...