Down To The Wire Thriller

Unintended Consequences - Marti Green

Dani Trumball is married to Doug a legal professor at a local university and
mother to Jonah a special needs chold diagnosed with Williams Syndrome. Dani
works for the Help Innocent Prisoners Project. Usually she writes the final
legal appeals and such after fellow coworkers have proven a prisoner was wrongly
convicted. But a letter from convicted child killer George Calhoun has her
investigating his claim that the body they found was not his daughter

George and Sallie Calhoun loved their beautiful daughter
Angelina but she is fighting for her life with a reoccurance of Leukemia that
has spread. Already in debt from their first battle the doctor is willing to
waive his fee but the Calhoun's already owe so much the hospital wont budge.
Without treatment Angelina will surely die. George and Sallie make the toughest
decision in their lives. One that winds them in prison, Sallie gets life in
prison while George gets the death sentence.

19 years later and 6 weeks
before he is to walk that final walk to his death sentence, all appeals
exhausted he still maintains the burned body of that little girl was not his
daughter, not his beautiful Angelina so in one last ditch effort and with the
prodding of the warden he writes to HIPP and his letter winds up on the desk of
Dani Ttumbal. Now its up to her take the case or turn it down.

Dani takes
the case and brings in Tommy Norland former FBI and office flirt but hes the
best investigator and he doesnt believe George is innocent so he will be a great
balancing board. And Melonie Quinn assistant editor of the law review has a
passion for setting things right just like Dani the perfect fit for this

Their investigation leads them down many twists and turns. After
Dani meets with George she truly believes the body they found was not the
daughter of George and Sallie, even though Sallie who hates George swears that
was their daughter. Dani and Melonie fight and lose many different appeals.
Tommy recieves a threat. People are being killed. And Dani is begining to lose

But then a small thread and the more they pull it the moe the truth
unravels. Could George be telling the truth, could that burned body be that of
another missing girl? Could Angelina still be alive. Its down to the wire and
Dani is fighting for an innocent mans life.

This is a great legal
thriller well written I felt drawn in from the start and was on the edge of my
seat wondering is he telling the truth.